Providing Leading Edge Technology, Interpump is a dynamic and diverse company for water treatment, Rainwater Harvesting applications, pumps and custom engineered pump package solutions throughout Canada. We have built on Interpump’s decades old reputation for quality pump distribution in Ontario.

Engineered Water Management Solutions

Bring us your water management challenge and let us engineer your solution. Led by experienced managers and supported by a team of dedicated engineers, system designers and support staff, we understand the importance of working out the details with you in each individual situation. This is critical to bringing all the components of a pump, water treatment, pump or Rainwater Harvesting package together into an easily managed system.

Canadian Solution to Regulations for Environmental Sustainability

Rapidly evolving regulations inspired by growing environmental sustainability concerns influence changing customer needs. The explosion of new products can be confusing and you can rely on our expertise to analyse your situation and develop a solution that works for you.

With water conservation and sustainability always in mind, your Interpump team is committed to providing the products you need for today and developing the innovation you need for tomorrow.

We are water treatment technology system solutions for a changing world.


  • Unique Value Proposition
    We are “water treatment technology system solutions for a changing world”; custom design and creation, in one place, in Ontario.
  • Our Team
    Led by experienced managers our knowledgeable staff ask the right questions and provide the right answers.
  • Our Clients
    The close professional relationship we have with our customers has been developed through our commitment to providing the best solution and outcome possible. Our clients include professionals from across Canada.
  • Associations
    Interpump is a member of some of the leading fresh water and waste water associations in Ontario.
  • Partners
    Interpump represents some of the greatest pump and water treatment companies in North America.


Interpump understands the needs of engineers, architects, and mechanical contractors.

We help you through all stages of your project.

  • Specification
  • System Design
  • Start-up
  • Support afterwards