Pump packages often provide the best solution for many applications. Rather than sourcing products from a variety of manufacturers and suppliers, Interpump is your single source for engineering, design, product selection, assembly and overall responsibility. Many hours of on-site installation and assembly is eliminated with Interpump pump packages that only require electrical and water hook-ups.

Pump Package Solutions can be provided for a variety of applications including;

  • Booster Systems
  • HVAC Heating/Cooling
  • Heat Transfer c/w heat exchangers
  • Industrial Processes
  • Water Features
  • Treated Effluent for non-potable water re-use
  • Storm Water


Features include skid design for easy installation through doorways and limited space constraints. Our use of Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s) provides significant energy savings by matching pump output to demand and eliminating the need for storage tanks. In addition, the use of soft-starting VFD’s result in lower life cycle costs for all components compared to simple on/off pump systems.