Engineered Water Treatment Solutions

Moving water is just part of the equation and in many situations water quality needs to be addressed through water treatment and filtration systems. By utilizing a combination of specialized equipment, we can address the removal of minerals like sulphur, iron, tannins and manganese. As well, Ultraviolet and Reverse Osmosis can be incorporated into any of our pump and water treatment packages to deal with unwanted pathogens and many chemicals in order to provide quality water for non-potable and potable use.

Applications include municipalities, parks, farms, commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities etc.

We are experts in groundwater applications where the type of treatment required may vary greatly. We can test water in house for many potential problems and can build the required equipment in our facility.

We are a Pentair OEM distributor/manufacturer for specially built equipment for a variety of water problems.

Interpump understands the needs of engineers, architects, mechanical contractors and pump installers.

We help you through all stages of your project:

  • Specification
  • System design
  • Start-up
  • Support