Designed for Non-potable applications, Interpump commercial rainwater harvesting systems primarily use efficient multistage pumps and VFD’s to maintain required system pressures. Filtration equipment will vary depending on water use and can include a combination of membrane, UV and chlorine treatment. In situations requiring a municipal standby water connection, an appropriate backflow prevention device will need to be installed.

All our RWH packages are fully tested hydrostatically and are ESA certified. The sequence of operation are programmed into our system and tested in our facility to recreate the needs required for your unique application. Our control panels fully monitor all aspects of system operation and include state-of-art benefits and features.

Whether for new projects or retrofit, Interpump is a single source strategy for effective solutions for rainwater harvesting (RWH).


Storm Water Management

Climate change has opened the door to more frequent and intense rain events that are beyond the capabilities of most storm water infrastructure systems to manage. Although Interpump RWH systems are designed for capturing rainwater from available roof surfaces, potential … Continue reading →

Cooling Tower

Commercial buildings are often cooled with evaporative towers and cooling water systems that consume a tremendous volume of municipal water. Our RWCT series of rainwater harvesting systems are the perfect solution for providing additional make-up water in cooling tower applications. … Continue reading →

Toilet & Urinal Flushing

Toilet and urinal flushing provides one of the most cost effective ways of using available rainwater on site. When used in combination with high efficient low flush designed fixtures and flush valves, the opportunity to save municipal water costs in … Continue reading →


Commercial property irrigation for both turf and garden represents one of the most cost effective ways of harnessing available rainwater. Normally rainwater re-use in irrigation requires a minimum of water treatment. Stored rainwater can be used between rain events to … Continue reading →

Bus/Truck/Vehicle Wash Application

Vehicle washing is one of the largest opportunities for effective rainwater harvesting. With most facilities having large roof catchment areas, rainwater is a plentiful resource. It can easily be collected, stored, treated, and used to supply a significant amount of … Continue reading →