Engineered Pump Solutions


End Client: The Municipality of Central Huron

Consultant: BM Ross

Contractor: Wellington Construction


A new bar screen was installed as part of the Clinton WWTP Upgrades in 2015.  The screening system required an on-demand pressurized water supply to the spray nozzle system on the bar screen.  Finished water off of the plant’s effluent filters was the preferred source of the water.  The filters and the screen are in two different locations at the plant and the pumping system needed to have a simplified automatic control.


Interpump worked with BM Ross to design a stand-alone booster pumping system that would continually provide 60 psi water pressure whenever the bar-screen’s solenoid valve opened.  The final system consisted of a duplex basket strainer, duplex Goulds vertical multi-stage Pumps, and a duplex Goulds Aquavar IPC variable frequency drive (VFD) setup operating as a stand-alone constant pressure controlled system.


  • Continual use at the wastewater treatment plant.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Simple operational control – no auxiliary PLC needed.
  • Skidded package for ease of installation.
  • Small footprint for installation in an existing facility.


Clinton WWTP – Effluent Spraywater Pumping System

Download Project (PDF file 140KB) Project Profile Clinton Spraywater System