Water Management and Water Quality Services

Providing the necessary service and support is vital to the success of all of our customers. We have developed a unique set of services to ensure all aspects of water management, water quality and product performance are addressed.

From the initial concept of a project to the final start-up and commissioning, we are with you every step of the way. Whether you require support with product specification, turn-key package design, Rainwater Harvesting system, or water treatment equipment, we will develop a solution that works for you.


  • Design and Build Pump Packages
    Engineering Department experienced in design and building pump systems for municipal, commercial and industrial applications
  • Design and Build Water Treatment packages
    Custom design and build packages for a variety of problem water situations for municipal, commercial or industrial applications.
  • Start up and Commissioning
    Providing professional support for Rainwater Harvesting Systems, pump packages and turbine pumps, to fully incorporate them into projects.
  • Build Residential Water Treatment Equipment
    A broad selection of water filtration products and components are in stock and ready for assembly to build the equipment you need.
  • In House Water Analysis
    Working with our water treatment specialist, we will analyze your water sample, create a full report addressing the water quality and include a full recommendation of equipment required to provide the right level of water treatment.