Many Rainwater Harvesting Systems, pump packages and turbine pumps require professional support to fully incorporate them into projects. Our engineering team is here to provide support, both remotely and on-site during start-up to ensure your equipment is operating correctly.

From concept to commissioning, Interpump is here to provide the level of service you require every step of the way.
In order to ensure trouble free operation and maximum efficiency, regular and scheduled maintenance of Rainwater Harvesting Systems is essential.

Although our Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) Systems are designed for non-potable use only, optimum water quality is achieved with routine inspection, cleaning and replacement of key filtering components. In addition, the inspection and servicing of pumps, valves and controls reduces life cycle costs and increases your Return
on Investment and overall water efficiency.

ServicePak maintenance and service programs from Interpump and Net Zero Water provide the answer for maintaining and servicing RWH Systems.

Click here to download our ServicePak brochure.